Moosalp Tourism AG

  1. General

1.1 Moosalp Tourismus AG (hereinafter referred to as MTAG) carries out the tasks of information, animation, advertising and sales for local tourism on behalf of the community of Bürchen and Törbel.


  1. Scope

2.1 These GTC govern the contractual relationship between the service providers (hereinafter referred to as LT) such as hotels, vacation apartments, group accommodations, mountain railroads, sports stores and ski schools, etc. and their guests for reservations made via the online booking system of MTAG.

2.2 MTAG procures services on behalf of their LT. All service information is compiled by the LT with care and corresponds to the current status. The publication of this information is made on behalf of the LT. MTAG assumes no liability for changes that have occurred subsequently without the knowledge of MTAG, as well as for possible printing errors.


  1. Contract conclusion

3.1 The contract is concluded after written acceptance of the reservation between guest and LT. MTAG is only an intermediary and not a contractual partner.

3.2 Upon acceptance of the reservation, the guest receives a confirmation, which also serves as a (rental) contract.


  1. Conditions when arranging hotel rooms, vacation apartments, group accommodation, etc.

4.1 The rental agreement between the LT and the Guest shall be governed primarily by the GTC of the LT, including the terms of payment and cancellation. In the event that the LT does not have its own GTC, the GTC of MTAG shall apply, including its payment and cancellation conditions (5).

4.2 The conditions (smoking, pets, etc.) as well as the house rules must be observed. The rental objects may be occupied at most with the number of persons listed in the contract. If these obligations are not complied with by the Guest, the LT may grant the Guest a short grace period to remedy the condition that is in breach of the contract and, if the grace period expires without success, terminate the contract without notice. The paid price will not be refunded. Claims for damages of the LT remain reserved.

4.3 If the agreed service does not comply with the contractual agreement or if you suffer damage, you are entitled and obliged to immediately complain to the LT about the defect or damage.

4.4 If no suitable solution could be found at the LT on site and your defect could therefore not or only insufficiently be remedied, a corresponding written complaint must be submitted to the contractual partner no later than 30 days after the contractual end of the trip.

4.5 In the event of failure to lodge a complaint with the service provider on site (4.3) or failure to comply with the deadline for lodging a written complaint with the contractual partner (4.4), your claims shall lapse without further ado.

4.6 For damages, which are demonstrably caused by the guest during the stay, the guest must pay in full. Damages have to be reported to the LT before departure. For damages occurring later, which were not reported by the guest, the guest must pay in full.


  1. Payment and cancellation conditions

5.1 Collection shall be made directly from the LT or the Contractual Partner.

5.2 The prices are in Swiss francs and are inclusive of value added tax.

5.3 The prices in Swiss francs listed in the booking confirmation are binding

5.4 In case of an obvious false booking of system-related errors of the booking system, the agreed prices are void. In this case, MTAG has the right to cancel the false booking without compensation.

5.5 Cancellation and cancellation conditions are regulated only between the contracting parties of the online bookings.

5.6 If the guest withdraws from the travel contract, the following cancellation fees apply:

  • Cancellation 90 day or more before arrival date: 100% refund of payment
  • Cancellation 89-60 days before arrival date: 50% refund of payment
  • Cancellation 59 days before the arrival date: no refund of payment
  • If the landlord is able to sublet the room or apartment on the same conditions after a cancellation, the LT is obliged to refund the guest 100%.
  • MTAG recommends that you take out travel cancellation insurance.

5.8 A booking with deposit or advance payment may be cancelled by the LT (without prior reminder) insofar as the amount owed is not paid by the Guest on time and in full in accordance with the applicable payment policies of the LT and the booking.

5.9 The following cancellation and rebooking conditions shall apply to packages offered by MTAG:

  • Packages can not be canceled.
  • Rebookings are possible up to 2 days before the selected date. Please contact the Info Center Bürchen for this purpose.
  • No refunds will be made.


  1. Mediation conditions of additional services

6.1 Also in the case of additional services, MTAG is, analogously to the accommodation services, only the intermediary between LT and guest. The cancellation conditions according to 4.

6.2 When arranging additional services such as event tickets, packages, etc., the guest agrees to these GTC as well as those of the LT.


  1. Liability

7.1 MTAG shall not be liable for personal injuries caused by bodily harm, illness or death of the Guest, if such injury, illness or death was culpably caused by the LT.


  1. Ombudsman

8.1 Everyone has the possibility to contact the ombudsman of the before a legal dispute. The ombudsman of the Swiss travel industry always strives to reach a fair and agreed decision in the event of disputes between the travel participant and the tour operator.


  1. Privacy policy

9.1 The data protection provisions of MTAG shall also apply.


  1. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

10.1 The contract between Customer and MTAG shall be governed by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction shall be Leuk, unless mandatory statutory provisions stipulate a different place of jurisdiction.


The General Terms and Conditions will come into force as of 01.08.2019.