"Little Scotland" in the Moosalpregion

If you go for a walk in the Moosalpregion, you will not only find cows, sheep or Valais black-necked goats on the lush mountain meadows. At the Trieguhof of Matthias and Sandra Gattlen in Bürchen, stately large Galloway cattle graze quietly and frugally.

We are guests of Matthias, Sandra and their daughter Lena at Trieguhof. They love their craft. Anyone who visits the farm with the Galloway cattle can feel that. They live values that the animals should feel. The Bürchner Trieguhof is modern, open, clean and the animals have plenty of room to roam.


Shaggy coat landscape manager

It is 7:00 a.m. The Moosal region is still sleepy when Matthias Gattlen leaves the apartment building. His destination: the Trieguhof with the Galloway cattle, the rabbits, the hens. When Matthias enters the open barn, movement comes to the herd. Because the animals sense that the farm owner is coming. Our focus turns to the Galloway cattle with their warm coat. "I've always been interested in suckler cows," says Matthias as he strokes a cow's shaggy coat. So, he says, it was clear to him that one day he would like to bring Galloway cattle to the Moss Valley region. "Galloway farming is in perfect harmony with the nature of the Moss Valley region." This is no coincidence, Matthias explains.

Galloways are one of the oldest robust breeds in the world. These primitive cattle originate from breeding in the southwest of Scotland. That harsh, windy and rainy area shaped these hardy animals. "In the Moss Valley region, Galloways feel right at home." Farmland is the ideal pasture for the shaggy animals. Galloways are comparatively light cattle and so would be gentle on the turf with their wide claws, and with their special grazing behavior they promote a great diversity of plant species. "And biodiversity makes the Moosalpregion even more beautiful," Matthias adds with a grin.


A family business from A to Z

Farming is something Matthias was born with. "Even as a little boy, I helped my father on the farm every free minute." It was different for Sandra: "I could never imagine marrying a farmer." Today, she can't imagine anything else than living on the certified organic Trieguhof. "Each of us has his task, in which we find ourselves." Matthias takes care of the farm. Sandra conjures up a lot of good things from the Trieguhof that are gladly sold locally.

Even the young Lena has her task. She mucks out the barn for the rabbits herself or helps Matthias in the stable. And again and again she draws her beloved, good-natured and frugal Galloway cattle.


Gourmet meat from the Moosal region

Meat from Galloway cattle is very popular. The demand for products from the Trieguhof is correspondingly high. The Trieguhof sells a large part of its products in the retail trade in Bürchen. In addition, there are some restaurants that buy directly from the Gattlen family.

The Trieguhof also has a small farm store with a refrigerator. The Gattlen family fills it not only with products from Galloway cattle, but also with good things from their own farm. Would you like a homemade jam? Or for refreshment in the hot summer months, homemade syrup. And of course, fresh eggs from our own chickens are not to be missed.

Sandra and Matthias Gattlen will let you know what you can currently find in the Trieguhof refrigerator via their private Facebook group.

Camper night at the Trieguhof

Life on the Trieguhof can be experienced up close in an overnight stay on the Trieguhof pitch. The unique view of the Bietschhorn and the surrounding mountains make you forget everyday life. At the Trieguhof pitch, the motto is "Arrive and feel at home." While you're at it, you can visit the Galloway cattle.

The camp is located not far from the Trieguhof and offers an upscale infrastructure. In the farm store you will find many fresh and seasonal products. We recommend the Galloway organic meat, the own cheese or the homemade jam.

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