Every owner of a second home pays an annual flat rate. Every guest pays tourist tax. But for what? The visitor's tax finances services that directly or indirectly benefit all owners of second homes as well as guests.

The tourist tax at a glance

The visitor's tax is paid by every guest who spends a night in the municipality of Bürchen without being entitled to reside there. The person who accommodates the person is obliged to collect the visitor's tax from the guest. The visitor's tax is CHF 4 per night for an adult, children between 6 and 16 years pay half and children under 6 years are free. Every guest is entitled to receive a guest card. You can find more information about the guest card here.

In hotels, group accommodation, mountain huts as well as camping or camper pitches the tax is charged per effective night.

AdultsCHF 4 per night
Children 6 - 16 yearsCHF 2 per night
Children under 6 yearstax free

The annual flat rate at a glance

The owners of second homes pay the tourist tax in the form of an annual lump sum. The lump sums for the vacation apartments are defined in the municipal tourist tax regulations. All overnight stays are included in the annual flat rate of the property, including rentals. They are based on a visitor's tax rate of CHF 4 and an average occupancy rate of 30 nights. The annual flat rate is calculated as follows: Apartment size times the defined occupancy times the visitor's tax.

till 1.5 room Factor 2CHF 240annual
till 2.5 roomFactor 3CHF 360annual
till 3.5 roomFactor 4CHF 480annual
till 4.5 roomFactor 5CHF 600annual
up to 5.5 rooms and biggerFactor 6CHF 720annual
How to calculate the tourist tax flat rate?Apartment sizeOccupancyTourist tax
FactorxNumber of overnight stays per yearxPrice per night
Example430CHF 4

You can download the visitor's tax regulations of Bürchen here.

You can find more information about the tourist tax here in the Info Kurtaxenreglement.