Hello kids

I am MoosAlbi, a curious forest dwarf, and I live here in the Moosalpregion.

I live in the forest, I know every stone and plant and I have many friends in the Moosal region. I love to play tag and hide and seek with the foxes and squirrels, but I also know the cows and black-nosed sheep well. I would love to show you what you can experience here in the Moosalpregion. If you look carefully, you can meet me and my friends in many places in the Moosalpregion.

Come to the Moosalpregion and let's have fun. I am looking forward to seeing you.

Children's hiking trail "MoosAlbi and his forest animals

On a beautiful summer day MoosAlbi made his way from the Brandalp in Unterbäch to Bürchen to enjoy the sun and play with his friends. MoosAlbi left his playground equipment so that you can also experience his adventures. Balancing with Schwarznasi and flying with Buschi is not only fun for MoosAlbi, but also for you!


The starting point is the Brandalp, which you can reach comfortably with the chairlift from Unterbäch. From Brandalp, after a short flat section, you will head slightly downhill towards the first playground equipment. The hiking trail leads you along a wide forest path downhill in the direction of Bürchen. After a short ascent, the hiking trail leads you out of the forest onto an asphalt road with hardly any traffic. This makes the whole trail also suitable for families with strollers. At the end of the trail, a pond with a fireplace awaits you. If this is not enough, the restaurants Alpenrösli or Ronalp are also close by.

The starting and finishing points Bürchen (Postbus Visp-Bürchen) and Unterbäch (cable car Raron-Unterbäch) are easily accessible by public transport.


On the approx. 500m long stretch of the squirrel trail you will learn a lot of interesting facts about the species and way of life of the rodent, as well as about other forest animals that can be found in our region. The squirrel trail was built in 2003 and is part of a circular trail with a length of about 3.5km, which goes from the Info Center in the direction of Hellela. The path leads through idyllic woods and is also very suitable for families. It can also be walked with a stroller without any problems, as it is very wide and well prepared. And with a little luck, you can even see a real squirrel on a tree.



You start at the Info Center in Bürchen and run directly below Sport Zenhäusern relatively flat in the direction of Zentriegen. Past the farm, the road leads you in the middle of beautiful mountain meadows directly to the start of the squirrel trail. This approx. 500m long track is very well developed and goes slightly downhill. At the end of the path you come directly to the beautiful plain of the middle Hellela. You walk across this special area and either go on the tarred road at the end of the Hellela or you turn already in the middle of the Hellela on a very narrow and steep (not stroller friendly) path towards the upper Hellela. The upper Hellela brings you on the right side via the Bethania group house and the Blatt district back to the Info Center in Bürchen.


Dates of the hike:

Length: 7.5 km

Ascent: 150 meters

Descent: 150 meters

Highest point: 1,610 m.a.s.l.

Lowest point: 1,480 m.a.s.l.

Walking time: 2 hours


Be the detective of Bürchen and go on a search for the 9 mysterious pictures and solve the riddle.

The Photo Rally is educational fun for the whole family. Join forces and find the answers together. Whoever finds all the subjects and answers the questions correctly will receive a free entry to the mini-golf course in the Bodmen as an instant prize. In addition, you will automatically be entered into the main draw with great prizes at the end of the year.
The prizes will be drawn at the end of November.
For example, you can win a day ski pass for the Moosalpregion.

The brochure with the photos and questions is available at the Info Center in Bürchen.


In the Moosalpregion there are several playgrounds where you can let off steam. They are all easily accessible and there is seating for parents. At the Bürchner playgrounds on Ringstrasse and Hasel, there are grocery stores in the immediate vicinity for a cool ice cream.

The use of all playgrounds is free of charge.


Play excavator

Become a master builder! At the mini golf course in Bürchen there are two excavators waiting for young builders. The excavators can be used independently for a fee of 2 francs.


The nature trail leads you through the different hamlets of the Birkendorf Bürchen. On 10 boards you will learn interesting and interesting facts about the birch tree, which gave the village of Bürchen its name. The locations of the boards have been chosen in such a way that you can look at the information notes directly on the tree or on a group of birch trees, depending on the season and the topic. The nature trail should bring you closer to our "house tree", the birch, and lead you through the different hamlets of Bürchen. The birch nature trail is laid out in such a way that you can start and end the circular walk at any of the 10 panels. The round hike takes about 2 hours.


Our starting point is the village square of the hamlet "Zenhäusern". You follow the panoramic path up to the left at the chapel. After a short ascent you can enjoy the view of the Rhone valley and our neighboring villages. After the 2nd information board turn right. Via a narrow path along a beautiful birch avenue you reach the 3rd post and follow the road to the 4th post at "Nessilwüär", a beautifully landscaped pond with a fireplace. At the hamlet "Nessjern" you follow the hiking trail through the hamlet and over lush meadows down to the hamlet "Schigarten", where you meet the road again. Now follow the road in the direction of the hamlet "Zumoberhaus" until you reach the sports ground. Behind the sports field the hike continues above the landfill on a narrow path. Through a wild and romantic deciduous forest you descend in the direction of "Roosse" to the posts 6 and 7. You then follow the main road in the direction of Bürchen to the hamlet "Mauracker". Shortly after the 8th post you turn left. Passing beautiful barns you reach the village square of the hamlet "Mauracker" with the village chapel from the 18th century. You then continue walking in a northerly direction, cross a brook and reach a wide path again via meadows and gardens, where you turn sharply to the right and reach the main road again and follow the signpost in the direction of the hamlet "Obscha". After the hamlet in the bend, climb up the footpath towards the parish church, where you will find post 9. Below the parish church turn right and walk through the hamlet "Ackermatte" until you reach the road again. Follow the road for about 100 meters and then turn left between the houses towards "Ackern", where you will find the 10th post. Afterwards you continue walking towards "Zenhäusern" up past the "Ibrikapelle". At the upper "Ibri" you cross the road again and reach the starting point in the hamlet of "Zenhäusern".