Vacations in the Moosalpregion - total family time!

During an interview by Stefan Eggli with the two skiers Ramon Zenhäusern and Silvan Zurbriggen, the term Moosalpregion kept coming up. An interview with consequences. Because since then, the sports journalist spends the most beautiful time of the year in the Moosalpregion with his whole family. But how did it come about?

by Bruno Kalbermatten

Is it the Valais sun, the magnificent mountain panorama or the unlimited outdoor possibilities that lure Stefan Eggli from Schüpfen to the Valais? Neither! It is the Moosal region in and of itself that the man from the Bernese Lake District and his entire family have taken a liking to. The family discovered their favorite destination through a series of coincidences.


Because the ski stars rave...

Stefan Eggli keeps seeing pictures of the Moosal region and his chalet on the Facebook profile of a former work colleague. The pictures speak for themselves: You can literally see the silence of the Moosalp region, which decelerates. The pictures show the untouched beauty of the Moosalp. And then again and again this tremendous view of the majestic mountains in the Valais. His former work colleague raves on social media about the culinary delights of the mountain restaurants. But nothing happens with Eggli. Because the man from Zeeland is not yet interested in this region, which is unknown to him, at this point.

Weeks later, as a sports journalist, Stefan Eggli interviews the two ski stars Ramon Zenhäusern and Silvan Zurbriggen. There it happens again: "Both Ramon and Silvan rave about their home, the beautiful Moosalpregion, during the interview," Eggli recalls. "So there must be something about this Moosalpregion," the sports journalist thinks to himself and wants to know: Instead of vacationing somewhere in Switzerland, the Eggli/Loosli family books their family vacation in the Moosalpregion for the first time.


Open the door - and already in paradise

"Yes, it was something like love at first sight," admits Eggli, recalling the first morning three years ago when the family woke up in the chalet. "When the large panoramic windows revealed a view of the Rhone Valley and the impressive pyramid of the Bietschhorn, we couldn't help but be amazed." The children Nea and Jan were unstoppable and wanted to get out into the winter fun. They may!

Because the Eggli family does not have to worry about the safety of the children. The meadow around the chalet offers enough space to play for hours. The possibilities are endless. Snowman, igloo, snowball fight. "My son Jan likes to build a track in the snow, on which he then sends a toy bob hurtling down." And their daughter doesn't miss out either: "During our family time in the Moosalpregion, daughter Nea likes to meet a girl from the canton of Bern." During vacation time, the two are almost inseparable, Eggli says. And that's despite the fact that the two never see each other otherwise.

But the highlight of the family vacation is undoubtedly skiing. The children's paradise lives up to its name, says the family father. "Nea and Jan forgot the time when they learned to ski at Kinderparadies." For the Egglis, it was always certain that the children would attend lessons at the ski school. Playfully and quickly, the children learn real skiing there - and from scratch. It has paid off. Because after just three winters, the whole family is skiing all 30 kilometers of slopes in the Moosalpregion together. "We have so much fun skiing that we are dog-tired in the evening, but we don't miss out on night skiing." Stefan Eggli loves to make turns in the snow with his telemark skis.


Farewell tears

For the Eggli family, everything is just right in the Moosalpregion. During a week the car stays on the chalet parking lot. Everything is within walking distance. That makes the parents especially happy. The skiing area is varied. The leisure activities are not only fun for children, but also for adults, says Stefan Eggli. The sports journalist thinks of the toboggan ride through freshly snow-covered forests in the Moosal region. He thinks of the unforgettable ride on the Alpuschnaager up to Moosalp. And he thinks of the legendary cream cake on the Moosalp. An absolute must for the Egglis.

The young family has not only grown fond of the beauty and opportunities in the Moosalpregion. It's also the encounters with the people. "It feels like we are part of an extended family during our vacation time." Eggli thinks of the warmth he always feels from residents of the region. "There's Valentin, for example, the employee at the chairlift." Son Jan would always talk about Valentin at home, too, proudly displaying his Fasnacht plaque. "Valentin gave the plaque to our son Jan as a gift."

Experiences and encounters during the vacation week in the Moosalpregion give the whole Eggli family strength. When they travel back to their home in the Bernese Seeland after the vacation week, they are allowed to pack their suitcase with many memories of a wonderful family time. It gets emotional: "Yes, it happens every year," admits Stefan Eggli, "there's always a little tear at goodbye, especially with the children." No one really wants to go home, he says. "That's why we also visit the Moosalpregion in the summer. Of course!"

The passion in the image

Stefan Eggli is a passionate photographer. Landscape pictures are his favorite motifs. The man from Bern, who lives in Lake Constance, hardly ever moves without his camera. "The motifs offered by the Moosalpregion are simply limitless and breathtaking," Eggli describes the natural diversity of the region. "Mountains, forests, lakes, rustic barns - exactly to my taste."

The tourism organization of the Moosalpregion also uses pictures by Stefan Eggli, among others, for its communication. "Stefan Eggli manages to capture the beauty of the Moosalpregion with his pictures," Fabrizio Gull, head of tourism of the Moosalpregion, praises Eggli's photos. The pictures in this article also come from Stefan Eggli's camera.

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