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Radsportler beim Aufstieg auf die Moosalp

Auftakt zum Ride the Alps in der Moosalpregion

Auftakt zu Ride the Alps in der Moosalpregion Mit dem 16,3 Kilometer langen Aufstieg von Stalden hinauf nach…

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Berghotel + Restaurant Weisshorn - The Törbj village pub with a Spanish-Italian touch

Berghotel + Restaurant Weisshorn - The Törbjer Dorfbeiz with a Spanish-Italian touch Törbel is considered one of the coziest mountain villages in the Upper Valais. It impresses with its magnificent panorama of the Valais Alps, clear mountain air and the wonderful natural backdrop of the Moosalp region. The village image and its inhabitants give the small mountain village a very special charm. Indispensable for a village...
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A year full of eventful highlights

The new year is young. We enjoy the snow, the sun, the winter. We have twelve months ahead of us packed with unforgettable experiences, top sporting achievements and relaxing pleasures. Our preview of an exciting year 2022.

Adrian star

"I am looking forward "uhüere" to the Moosalp".

The Moosalpregion is the perfect place to leave everyday life behind. "Hiä chusch ämbri." But next weekend, we're breaking out and making the Moosalpregion shake at the Migros Hiking Sound. We are looking forward to a hiking and music experience in the most beautiful mountain scenery on July 17 and 18. On the Hiking Sounds stage, the Swiss musician Adrian Stern, among others, will enchant the visitors. "I am enormously looking forward to Moosalp," he says in an interview with us.

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Snow at the touch of a button

On Saturday, December 18, the Moosalpregion starts the winter season. With forests covered in deep snow. The slopes are prepared for our skiing pleasure - also with artificial snow. Shortly before the start of the season, we take a look behind the scenes of the silent makers of the white artificial snow carpet.

Restaurant Dorbia Moosalp Aussicht

Bergrestaurant Dorbia: Wo Gäste sich willkommen und Einheimische sich wohl fühlen

Bergrestaurant Dorbia: Wo Gäste sich willkommen und Einheimische sich wohl fühlen Was gibt es Schöneres an einem Tag in der Moosalpregion, als auf der Sonnenterrasse mit Blick auf die Bergkulisse der Moosalp ein köstliches Cordon Bleu oder eine exzellente Rösti zu geniessen? Liebhaber der gutbürgerlichen Küche kommen im Restaurant Dorbia bei Familie Chantal und Philipp…
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Das ist die Moosalpregion

Das ist die Moosalpregion Seit Januar 2024 hat sich bei der Moosalp Tourismus AG einiges verändert. Das Unternehmen hat sich organisatorisch neu aufgestellt und geht mit vereinten Kräften in die Zukunft. Der international verständliche Slogan "Into the Nature" soll dabei helfen, die Verbundenheit zur Natur zu betonen und das Streben nach Erlebnissen in der einzigartigen…

BergFattoria - A project close to the heart of nature, animals and cuisine

BergFattoria - A project close to the heart of nature, animals and cuisine In the Moosalp region, many small farms keep livestock that help to maintain the landscape. For local hobby breeders, for example, keeping Valais Blacknose sheep or Hérens cows is a passion to which they devote themselves with great dedication and passion, especially in their free time. Since...
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5 reasons for winter vacations in the Moosalpregion

It is snowing. The dark forests of the Moosalpregion are getting whiter and whiter. Fresh snow piles up on the branches. The engines of the snow groomers are running. We are ready to open the winter season on December 18. We give you 5 reasons why your vacations in the Moosalpregion will be unforgettable.


"Slope rider - my boyhood dream".

Even as a young boy, Beat Gattlen dreamed of one day becoming a piste skier. His dream came true. For 30 winters now, the Bürchner native has been grooming the slopes of the Moosalpregion with a lot of feeling for the machine.

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"Moosalp is a place of power."

The path of life has taken them away from the Moosal region. Because of work, they now live in Basel instead of Bürchen - or in Thurgau instead of Törbel. In their hearts, however, the Moosalpregion remains their home forever. This is also the case for Jan Karlen. In his case, it was his parents who emigrated to Zurich. Today, Jan says about himself: "I'm a homesick Terbjer Chieli!


Athleten aus der Moosalpregion auf der grossen Sportbühne

Athleten aus der Moosalpregion auf der grossen Sportbühne Gleich mehrere Sporttalente aus derselben Bergregion, die auf nationaler und internationaler Bühne mit Topresultaten auf sich aufmerksam machen? Wenn man sich dies zu Ohren führt, denkt man gleich an grosse Bergsportdestinationen wie Davos, Zermatt oder St. Moritz. Aber auch die Moosalpregion hat im letzten Jahrzehnt drei junge…

Off to the "SkyHeia"!

Off to the "SkyHeia"! Sleeping outside is known not to be everyone's preference. However, the Skyheia in the Moosalpregion combines the comfort of a bedroom with a unique nature experience, which is also worthwhile for not outdoor-experienced overnight guests. A field report. Off to bed! I heard this sentence enough from my parents in my childhood. However, when I...

Handicraft with character from the Moosalp region

It is the old familiar smell of leather that makes many a "terbji" reminisce when he enters the small shoemaker's shop in the heart of the village. Back when there seemed to be so much future and so little past. Not much has changed over the years in the workshop in Fällach - cowbells, shoes for repair, bell straps - there is a kind of "disorder in order" with which only the artist himself knew and the passion for the craft was literally palpable - until today.


A Moosalp success story on two wheels

When Simon Ruff pedals, he performs almost inhuman feats. As an ultra-cyclist, the Törbjer takes part in races in which he masters 1000 kilometers and several Alpine passes. Without interruption! But the home course of the multiple ultra-cycling world champion remains the ride over the Moosalp.


Once in Bürchen, always in Bürchen!

Once in Bürchen, always in Bürchen! Andy Semling has been a regular visitor to the Moosalp region for almost four decades. The 41-year-old heating engineer from Breitenbach in Schwarzbubenland, Solothurn, spends most of his free time in Valais. The region around the Moosalp has become a second home for him. We met Andy during his Christmas vacation and wanted to find out...

Visiting the garden with your hot pot

Vacations in the Moosalpregion become an unforgettable time of pleasure thanks to the personal hot-pot in front of the vacation chalet. Who dives into the warm pool, immerses in a time of pure relaxation. Carlo Frezza has booked the hot-pot of the Moosalpregion for his vacation time. The Zurich journalist shares his moments of pleasure in the hot-pot with us in his experience report.

This is a test of the labeling

A Parisian brat moves to Bürchen

Juliette Barbier was a big city person. "A Parisian brat. Always on her toes, always a little busy. Then she came to Bürchen. From the French metropolis to the tranquil mountain village.


Vacations in the Moosalpregion - total family time!

During an interview by Stefan Eggli with the two skiers Ramon Zenhäusern and Silvan Zurbriggen, the term Moosalpregion kept coming up. An interview with consequences. Because since then, the sports journalist spends the most beautiful time of the year in the Moosalpregion with his whole family. But how did it come about?

Yves Kunz

Yves Kunz - In the service of the Moosalpregion on the way on paths and tracks

Yves Kunz - In the service of the Moosalpregion on trails and slopes The Moosalpregion is considered a popular hiking area. In summer, as well as in winter, there are numerous hiking trails to discover. They lead through forests and villages, along suonen and mountain meadows. Yves Kunz is responsible for the maintenance of the hiking trail network. With his work he contributes...

"Bärgüf 2021 will be different - more emotional".

In 2016, Patrick Gruber and colleagues from the Lions Club launched the "Bärgüf" charity velo race. The fundraising event from Stalden via Törbel to Moosalp supports people with cancer and is a permanent fixture on the Upper Valais agenda. Corona does not allow large events to be held. In keeping with the motto #gibnitüf, "Bärgüf" will nevertheless take place in 2021 - and it will be more emotional and longer than ever before. We tell the Bärgüf story from the beginning.


Interview with Ramon Zenhäusern

The 2023/2024 World Cup winter is approaching Interview with Ramon Zenhäusern For ski racer Ramon Zenhäusern from the Brandegg-Bürchen ski club, the 12th season at World Cup level will already begin on November 18, 2023. Last winter was an extremely successful one for the 31-year-old Swissski athlete from the Moosal region. By winning the races in Chamonix and Soldeu, Ramon was able to claim two World Cup victories....

In the service of your safety

At your service In the Moosalpregion ski area, a team of four piste patrollers is on duty every day to ensure the safety of guests. They are responsible for the piste and rescue service in Bürchen and Törbel. Marco Weidel (27) is a trained paramedic and is supporting the team as an assistant patroller for the first time this season. The first...

Tourismusstudierende zu Besuch in der Moosalpregion

Tourismusstudierende zu Besuch in der Moosalpregion Am Montag, 4. März, besuchten 12 Studierende aus dem Bachelorstudiengang Tourismus der Hochschule Wallis (HES-SO) die Moosalpregion. Im Rahmen eines praxisorientierten Projektes während des laufenden Semesters nehmen sie das touristische Angebot rund um die Moosalp unter die Lupe und erarbeiten Vorschläge zur Weiterentwicklung der Destination. Am Kick-Off Event im…

Bärgüf - gib nit üf! Together against cancer: A day of solidarity and support in the Moosalpregion

Bärgüf - gib nit üf! Together against cancer: A day of solidarity and support in the Moosalpregion Under the motto "Bärgüf-Gemeinsam gegen Krebs" an unforgettable event took place, which did not celebrate the beauty of nature, but focused on the fight against cancer. Also at the fifth edition on August 26, 2023 was...

"Little Scotland" in the Moosalpregion

If you go for a walk in the Moosalpregion, you will not only find cows, sheep or Valais black-necked goats on the lush mountain meadows. At the Trieguhof of Matthias and Sandra Gattlen in Bürchen, stately large Galloway cattle graze quietly and frugally.

Amadé Kalbermatten

Federal Council honors for Moosalp chef Amadé Kalbermatten

Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin honored Amadé Kalbermatten, chef and owner of the Moosalp restaurant, with the "Culinary Merits Switzerland" award in Bern on Monday. With this prize, Kalbermatten joins star chefs such as Andreas Caminada, Irma Dütsch and Anton Mosimann.


Restaurant Panorama: The meeting place on the Bürchneralp

Restaurant Panorama: The meeting point on the Bürchneralp On the way from Bürchen to Moosalp, at almost exactly 2000 meters above sea level, lies the Restaurant Panorama. On the Bürchneralp with Sandra and Erich you can expect not only delicious food, but also a breathtaking view over the Rhone Valley. Let yourself be seduced by the culinary delights and...

The rare beauty blooms

The Southern Alpine tulip is as rare as winning the lottery. Not so in Törbel. The extremely rare tulip feels at home in the sunny mountain slopes of the Moosalpregion. With the first mild rays of May sunshine, small golden flower heads open up on several mountain meadows and bring the first splashes of color to nature. We take a closer look at the southern alpine tulip.


Dance and entertainment at the Älplerfest on the Moosalp

Dance and entertainment at the Älplerfest on the Moosalp On Sunday, July 30, the music society "Sonnenberg" and the Tambouren- und Pfeiferverein "Frohsinn" from Törbel invited to the traditional Älplerfest on the Moosalp. Despite some fog around the Bietschhorn, the 52nd edition of the Älperfest on the Moosalp was visibly a success. The sunny weather and the...

The Moosalpregion in autumn dress

The Moosalpregion in autumn dress Who doesn't love them, the pleasant autumn days with blue sky, sunshine and mild temperatures? Cool nights and warm, sunny days make the forests shine in vivid colors like red, orange and yellow. An autumnal period of fair weather combined with the intense leaf color of deciduous and mixed forests is often referred to in eastern North America as...
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Moosalp Tourismus AG introduces new Board of Directors

Moosalp Tourismus AG introduces new Board of Directors Moosalp Tourismus AG is tackling the 2024 financial year with a newly elected Board of Directors. The board is now headed by a three-member co-chairmanship. Until the end of 2023, responsibility for the operational fortunes of Moosalp Tourismus was temporarily in the hands of the previous Chairman of the Board of Directors, Christian Lehner, and...
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Discover the MOOS

Discover the MOOS In the MOOSalpregion, whose name already refers to the presence of this amazing plant, a total of 11 different moor biotopes extend. In a nature reserve of 1.5 km² around the Moosalp you have the unique opportunity to explore moss in a very special way. With the fascinating Magic Moss Tour you can expect not only...

"We feel a great loyalty to the Moss Valley region".

An extraordinary winter season comes to an end. Last weekend, skiing operations in the Moosalpregion were suspended as planned. But the effects of Corona also leave its mark in the Moosalpregion. We arranged to meet Selina Döringer, Managing Director of Moosalp Bergbahnen AG, on the "Ober Arb" for a summit talk.


On the road with the Alpuschnaager

On the road with the Alpuschnaager Visitors to the Moosalp region can enjoy a very special winter experience with the Alpuschnaager. The tracked vehicle transports up to 20 passengers comfortably and safely from Bürchen to Moosalp. Numerous winter hiking trails and mountain restaurants await passengers there, just waiting to be discovered. On a gloriously sunny day...
Radsportler beim Aufstieg auf die Moosalp

Auftakt zum Ride the Alps in der Moosalpregion

Auftakt zu Ride the Alps in der Moosalpregion Mit dem 16,3 Kilometer langen Aufstieg von Stalden hinauf nach Törbel bis zur Moosalp wurde die diesjährige Saison der Radserie "Ride the Alps" lanciert. Bei idealen Wetterbedingungen konnte am Sonntag, 12. Mai 2024 ein neuer Teilnehmerrekord mit über 660 Teilnehmern verzeichnet werden. 5 aussergewöhnliche Aufstiege im ganzen…
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"The ski school has given me back my passion."

Practice early if you want to become the next Ramon Zenhäusern. Those who make their first turns on snow with the snow sports school of the Moosalpregion can count on the skills of skiing cracks. This also applies to Ines Lengen, the head of the snow sports school.

40_Ochsner Sport

"Cycling becomes a pleasure ride".

Leisurely hobby cyclist, altitude-addicted racing bike rider or fast-paced e-bike pilot. "Ride the Alps" is a pleasure for everyone. On Sunday, June 6, the event series, in which Alpine passes are kept car-free for cyclists, stops in the Moosalpregion. Also at the start will be former Swiss ski racer Didier Défago. "I'm looking forward to the Moosalp," he says in an interview.

Benjamin Bayard

Benjamin Bayard - Technical Manager at the service of the Moosalp region

Benjamin Bayard - Technical Manager in the service of the Moosalp region During the winter season, around 40 employees in the Moosalp region ensure that the pistes and ski facilities run smoothly and safely. Benjamin Bayard from Eischoll has been working as technical manager for Moosalp Bergbahnen AG for several years. This important position entails a high level of responsibility...

Hotel-Restaurant Bürchnerhof - Pleasure, mountains, happiness

Hotel-Restaurant Bürchnerhof - enjoyment, mountains, happiness The Hotel-Restaurant Bürchnerhof is located at Ronalpstrasse 86, above the Bodmen children's ski paradise in Bürchen. Three years ago, the two young hosts Sophia and Gregor gradually took over the hotel business, which had previously been successfully run by Sophia's parents for three decades. With just as much heart and passion now leads...

Tour de Suisse: Spectacle and furore on the Moosalp

Kilian Frankiny recently hung up his professional cycling career. But his passion for cycling remains. Frankiny wants to share this passion this summer as an ambassador for the Tour de Suisse arrival at Moosalp. The Upper Valais resident is expecting an exciting stage arrival, as he tells us in the interview.

Annual Report Winter-06

Pure snow magic: experience unforgettable winter moments in the Moosalp region

Pure snow magic: experience unforgettable winter moments in the Moosalp region Winter has arrived in Valais and the Moosalp region has a wealth of exciting experiences in store this season too. Immerse yourself in the magical snowy landscape and discover a variety of offers and events. We have something for every winter lover. The 2023/2024 winter season in the...