High up in the climbing garden. If you want to play ibex yourself, you have the possibility to visit the climbing garden below Zeneggen. The climbing garden offers you three different sectors with 40 different routes in different degrees of difficulty.


The climbing garden is located below Zeneggen at the Helbrigackern. You can reach it by post bus (stop Klettergarte) or by car. Parking is available on the road from Visp to Zeneggen. Then follow the Flurstrasse downhill for three minutes. The entrance is signposted.

Please note that climbing is dangerous and requires certain knowledge of rope handling. The stay in the area of the climbing garden and the climbing of its routes is at your own risk. The Moosalp Tourismus AG declines any liability. In particular, also for consequences resulting from possible incorrect information of the route descriptions or from insufficient safety hooks, breaking of loose holds and steps or from falling rocks.


AIntersection variant4
Slab climbing20m
BIntersection5a+A must20m/30m/30m
CSmall Artiv6bclimbed free today15m
DMouse5bSteep wall / crack climbing25m
ESmall roof5a+Wall climbing35m
FLarge roof5cDrill hooks in the roof20m
GBimbo6bVery exposed wall30m
HGross Ueli6aVaried30m/25m/15m


ALightning rod6csteep slab climbingPfaffen B.
BRadioactive6a+former artiv routeZBrun P.
CAde de6bPleasure climbing. Well securedPfaffen B.